Bridge Hand Generator

The mission of playBridge Hand Generator is to provide computer generated hands for bridge players and teachers. The hands can be totally random or fitting specific shape and point count requirements. Generated hands may be displayed and printed in multiple formats, saved for later analysis or exported for use with other applications.

Making hands for Bidding Practice is one of the most popular applications for the generator. Just click on [Generators], select the generator that suits your needs, select criteria (if any) and click on [Generate] button. Make sure to select one of the Bidding Practice options.

Visit the Shuffle Project to see our generator in action over long time.

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Board : 7,192,829
Dealer : N
Vuln : Both
S Q 9 2
H 10 5 4
D J 10 8
C A Q 10 6
S 10 7 6 5 4
H 7 6
D 9
C K J 8 5 2
 W N


E  S A K 8 3
H A K Q 8 2
D 6 4 3 2
C -
H J 9 3
D A K Q 7 5
C 9 7 4 3

This is an example of a random board. Just for the fun of it we shuffle the cards and deal every time you visit this page.